Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday May 30, 2012 – Going Home

            On May 9th Mike and I went to the Edinburgh Zoo and climbed Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.  I was very excited since the zoo had Giant Pandas (we were lucky enough to see one of them awake and walking around!), koalas, pygmy hippos, penguins, and LOTS of monkeys!  Afterwards, we headed back to the city centre of Edinburgh, walked along the Royal Mile, and then trekked all the way up the mountain called Arthur’s Seat.  It surprisingly only took us about 45 minutes to climb.  The views were spectacular.
            On May 17th I had my last exam.  After I was done it was such a huge relief since I’m fully done 3rd year at university now!  Mike and I spent the next couple days around Glasgow shopping and sightseeing.  We explored more of the West End one day and saw the Armadillo building, the Glasgow Science Centre, the Riverside Museum, and the Clyde Arc bridge.  We also went out for dinner at my favourite burger place called Ketchup.  Mike ended up getting the Colossal burger and finished it all!  We then got the largest sundae I’ve ever seen in my life.  Right when it came I couldn’t believe that they made sundaes that big.  That dinner was definitely extremely filling but REALLy good!  Mike and I also explored Pollok Park one day.  It is a park south of Glasgow where there are 100 Highland cattle and some Clydesdale Horses.  Walking around the park was very beautiful since lots of flowers and trees were in bloom and it was a warm day.  Parts of the park reminded me of Highland Creek.  Mike and I also went to North Queensferry one day to the Deep Sea World.  We saw the Forth Bridge there, which is famous in Scotland, and then we explored the tiny little town – there was hardly anything there.  We then decided to go to the Deep Sea World.  We saw many fish, frogs, an alligator snapping turtle, which has the strongest recorded bite on the planet, eels, piranhas, and crabs.  We then went in the longest underwater tunnel in Europe where there were sharks and other sea creatures!  I loved the giant aquarium because many of the creatures were very interesting.  Afterwards we saw a seal perform a show and saw a Bearded Dragon get fed.  We then went back to Edinburgh and explored the Royal Mile one final time before going back to Glasgow.
            On a gorgeous day last week we went to Loch Lomond for the day.  Loch Lomond is a national park that is known for being very beautiful and a great hiking destination.  Mike and I hiked around the various trails throughout the woods and by the water.  We also people watched a lot and relaxed in the shade on top of a hill overlooking the loch by a castle there.
            Over these past few weeks being done school Mike and I have done a lot of day trips, but we’ve also relaxed around Glasgow and hung out with various friends here one last time.  Now I’m sitting in the Glasgow airport waiting for my flight to Heathrow.  From Heathrow I’ll head back to Toronto.  I’m so excited to go home after these past 5 months since I miss everyone and everything about home so much, but I will definitely miss Glasgow.  I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity that not many people get to experience.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot more than a normal term in school at McMaster, just by travelling and living abroad.  Although the schooling wasn’t as busy and hard as McMaster, it has still been very beneficial to my education and myself as a person.  This will probably be the longest day, but in about 12 hours I’ll be home!  Fingers crossed that there won’t be any delays!  Canada here I come! <3

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