Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tuesday April 17th, 2012 – St. Paul de Vence, Nice and Villafrance Sur Mer

            Today we went to St. Paul de Vence.  I wanted to go back since I loved it when I went there back in January.  We went in many artist’s shops and saw beautiful sculptures and paintings.  I wish I could buy all the paintings I loved there but if I did, I’d have no room for them.  They were all SPECTACULAR.  For lunch, we had ham and cheese crepes and we saw amazing views.  We then decided to go to Villefranche Sur Mer, which is a small town east of Nice.  We checked out the old town there and some touristy shops.  We also went to the citadel there but there was basically nothing and no one there, which was odd.  Afterwards, we sat on a beach for a while and skipped rocks into the Mediterranean Sea.  We then went back to Nice and made dinner at our hostel, and then went out to enjoy the city at night.  We walked around the old town, the promenade, and the new town where we sat down and got our last crepes in France.

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