Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wednesday April 11, 2012 – Bruges

            In the morning on April 11th we left Amsterdam for Bruges.  When we got there we walked around the city.  I absolutely fell in love with it when we got there.  There were chocolate shops EVERYWHERE with canals just like Venice (just a lot larger).  There were cobblestone streets everywhere along with horse and carriage rides and swans.  In the afternoon I tried the Belgium hot chocolate and I was blown away.  It was the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted – I couldn’t even believe how good it was.  We spent the afternoon going into almost every chocolate shop we passed comparing prices (I got a lot to bring back to Canada!).  We then got Belgium waffles as an afternoon snack.  I got mine with cherries on it and Mike got his with caramel on it.  In the evening we had pasta in a box for dinner, which was surprisingly very good (and cheap!)  We then went back to the hostel to the pub attached to it to try Belgium beer.  I had the cherry beer, which was super sweet and tasty – wish we had it in Canada!  The next morning we had breakfast at the hostel, checked out, and went to the park by our hostel to see giant windmills.  After taking many pictures it was then time to head to the train station to make our way to Paris!